Purple Hair and Black Cats: A book review on Magic by Lylian K. & Audrey Molinatti

A baby girl born with purple hair is promptly handed over to a convent by her horrified father, who fears she bears the sign of the witch. And indeed, little Evelyn seems to have strange powers and to attract supernatural manifestations as she grows up among the nuns, who patiently put up with it as best they can. But after one scary “trick” too many, she is entrusted to the care of a hat-maker, who whisks her off to London, where she will learn about much more than making hats! For as Evelyn and her talking cat Benedict will soon find out, Master Neil has a few tricks up his sleeve, too, and his hat shop might not be exactly what it seems…


It’s been a while since I last read a good comic and going through Magic by Lylian K. & Audrey Molinatti was such a joy.

I like the art in the comic. The drawings were so cute that it was the first thing that attracted me to the book because it gave off such a ‘kawaii’ vibe. In addition, when I downloaded the book, I expected it to be like a manga where the images will be in black and white and it was a pleasant surprise to see that they were colored. The different palettes used in each panel blended so beautifully. it added to the overall ‘kawaii’ atmosphere of the book.

Another factor that I liked are the characters. Evelyn is a little girl who acts her age and I found this adorable. I found her cheekiness and wit amusing and the drawing style used in the comic emphasized her overall charm.

The story is very interesting and it gets you hooked immediately as the comic starts with a very dramatic scene. As the story progresses, you learn about the plight of witches and wizards and the issues they face. Making you wonder how a little girl is going to overcome these challenges.

Overall, I enjoyed reading Magic. This comic is recommended for middle-grade children but I also believe that older readers like me will enjoy this book. Magic transports its readers into an enchanting world full of witchcraft and wizardry and the beautiful artwork is a visual treat. For those who are a fan of this genre, I would highly recommend they read this comic.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book and I confirm that this is an honest review that I am writing voluntarily.

***Synopsis from Netgalley***

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  1. This sounds like such a cute read for the younger readers in my life! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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