The Gemini Twins: A book review on When Light Meets Dark: Book 1 by Kaidence Myers

On the planet of Maletrophius, a world of uniquely powerful Fae, two young girls are dealing with the repercussions of their very existence in a hostile and unstable world because they are Gemini Twins.

In the week leading to their 16th birthday, Kelsey and Karma are faced with the inevitable choice between conquering their true nature or letting it consume them both as the people around them fight for their lives against a power-hungry Fae Council set on murdering the twins.

Will the two lifelong best friends, who are destined for destruction, be able to overcome their dark fate? Or will one or both of them lose themselves in a fight for love and retribution?


Before I start my review, I would like to thank Kaidence Myers for giving me the opportunity to review When Light Meets Dark: Book 1! Thank you for the free copy and the lovely photo that came along with it!

When Light Meets Dark: Book 1 by Kaidence Myers is a story that focuses on Kelsey and Karma. It is a young adult, fantasy romance novel that I feel would cater to teenagers.

The book immediately starts with a hook to grab the reader’s attention. Two girls are born at the same time and on the same day. The unique circumstance of their birth has them identified as Gemini twins and their doting fathers do what they can to save their newborn daughters from the murderous intentions of those who want to have them killed. After reading the prologue, you can’t help but wonder what the fate of the girls will be.

In addition, it’s always interesting to read fantasy because it opens up a whole new world for the reader. What I particularly like about the novel is that it is set in the rich and intriguing planet of Maletrophius. It was interesting to learn about the unique political structure of the planet which is governed by The Council along with the many different kinds of Fae that inhabited this mystical world. It was fascinating to read about the Shifters, to hear about unique places such as the Lezatram Providence, and to encounter artifacts like the Raph Blade.

Another aspect of When Light Meets Dark: Book 1 that I liked were the relationships. Kelsey is dating a guy named Tyler and Karma has a boyfriend named Daemon. The dynamics between their relationship and the feelings that they hold for one another are delightfully described, making it a delight to read because you can feel how deeply the characters care for each other. I think that teenage readers would enjoy this because the author perfectly captures the picture of young love. Not only that, but you can also feel the range of emotions that the characters feel throughout the story (Such as anger, pain, and confusion) pouring out from the pages of the book because of the rich description. I personally feel that this is what makes the book stand out because it promotes empathy by giving readers a taste of the negative emotions that individuals experience when they are wrestling with a personally trying ordeal.

However, as much as I enjoyed reading about the love story of the main characters, I personally wished that more detail was provided about the unique and magical planet of Maletrophius. The story is set in a world that is very different from our own and I was unfamiliar with some of the terms that I encountered while reading the story. A majority of the novel takes place in their school and I would have liked to learn more about the training school that Karma and Kelsey were in. What was the environment like? The curriculum? How were students screened? What did the students do during the weekend? And additional details that would have helped me better understand and further appreciate Maletrophius.

Overall, When Light Meets Dark: Book 1 by Kaidence Myers is a great read that whisks readers into a world full of deadly plots, magic, and love. Personally, I feel that teenagers are most likely to enjoy but older readers may also find the book fascinating if they enjoy reading about teenage romance set in a fantasy world. So if you want to get caught in a whirlwind romance in a fantasy world that is full of intrigue, give When Light Meets Dark: Book 1 by Kaidence Myers a read!

Disclaimer: I received a review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

The synopsis is mainly from with minor edits from my side.

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