The story of a queen: A book review on Makeda: The Queen of Sheba by Marlon McKenney

A beautiful Ethiopian princess must use courage, strength, and leadership to conquer a dangerous enemy set on destroying the wealthy Kingdom of Sheba.

Princess Makeda was born into a loving royal family but when her father, King Agabos, unexpectedly dies, the lives of Makeda and her mother, Queen Ismenie, are turned upside-down. Grief-stricken, yet angry for vengeance, Makeda must use her intelligence and resiliency to navigate a toxic, male-dominated hierarchy. With the odds stacked against her and her back against the wall, Makeda embarks on the deadliest mission of her life to restore honor and safety to the Kingdom of Sheba.

This African Fantasy Epic is beautifully written and illustrated for both grade school children as well as fans of Afrocentric anime, comics, and graphic novels. If you like historical fiction with a powerful black female hero, then you will love this ancient tale of courage and redemption. Buy Makeda the Queen of Sheba today to experience her incredible journey from a young princess to a legendary African queen.


What better way to celebrate Women’s Day than to write a review on a book that empowers young girls to be strong and courageous leaders?

Makeda: The Queen of Sheba is an illustrated storybook aimed at middle-grade readers and it is a powerful novel that promotes women empowerment. Younger readers will find the story of Makeda spellbinding as she rises to be the Queen of Sheba despite the challenges that are presented to her. The trials that Makeda encounters are important. Through these challenges, the writer imparts to readers the importance of having a leader who is not only brave and smart but also has good character. This is because strong moral values can help a kingdom rise and the reader witnesses this in the story as Makeda leads her kingdom into prosperity. Guided by her 9 laws of leadership.

Little girls reading this novel will be inspired by Makeda’s courage and intelligence. They will also be inspired by her resilience because, despite all of the challenges that she faced, Makeda pressed on until she achieved her goals.

Overall, this is a great book that empowers young girls to be strong women leaders!

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Thank you, NetGalley for a free copy!

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