I never forget: A book review on vViIrRuUsS: I Never Forget by Jazalyn

Three virus strains corrupt humanity and causes madness. One triggers reminders of the past and reveals hidden thoughts that threaten to change the world, the second causes amnesia and erases memories. The third behaves like an anti-virus that tries to save humanity. This book is a collection of poems that chronicle the individual experiences of the victims of the virus.


The book seems to be set in a dystopian future where there are three viruses that plague humanity. When I initially received this review request, I was under the impression that it will consist of short stories but it is actually a collection of poems on how the viruses have affected the world. To be honest, I don’t read poems but below are the thoughts that were running in my mind as I read the book.

The poems feel very personal, it touches on love and muses about the injustices in society. These different poems seem to be a collection of individual experiences of people experience of victims of the virus. The poems are quite emotional with an angsty vibe and readers who enjoy introspecting may appreciate reading the book.

I did have some concerns while I was reading the book. For one, I struggled to tell the difference between the three different viruses and how the viruses affect their victims. Secondly, it was also a challenge for me to picture what events were going on in the book because the poems revolve around feelings and thoughts. However, this could just be a personal preference of the author to focus on these aspects. Thirdly, there were times when I struggled to connect the dots and see the bigger picture. On the other hand, this could just be a weakness from my end because I am not someone who reads poems.

Overall, the poetry is unique and interesting. Poems are generally not my cup of tea but I feel that vViIrRuUsS: I Never Forget by Jazalyn is a book that individuals who like to reflect on their feelings and the society would appreciate.

Disclaimer: Thank you Jazalyn for giving me a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review!

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