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Hi there! My name is Dianne but friends call me Days, Di, or Yan-yan.

I’m a Filipina millennial working abroad in the UAE and there are many aspects of me: I’m a book worm, a tree hugger, and an animal lover. I’m an introvert, a video game enthusiast, and a music lover with an inclination for the arts. Lastly, I am also passionate about learning and personal development.

I love to write and this blog was born a few years ago when I started working abroad. I came upon my blog name when I was having a chat with my little sister. I told her that I wanted to start a blog and my little sister was extremely supportive. She even joked that some people may find the idea of me blogging audacious because I am a very quiet introvert who loves her privacy. Right after she said that joke, we realized that we can play around with the word ‘audacious’ and insert my nickname ‘Days’ into it! So, audaysciously.com was born. 

Blogging was a journey for me and it took me a few years to discover what my niche is. Over the years, I wrote about self-help, life hacks, and my personal experiences on how a shy, socially awkward girl learns to mingle. However, as I started to grow, my blog also grew along with me. What started out as a self-help blog/online journal is now a book blog.

How did it turn into a book blog, you may ask?

I have always been an avid reader and as a little girl, my favorite spot in our house was our tiny home library that had inbuilt shelves. As I look back on how I have grown, I realized that the books that I have read over the years have contributed to my personal growth. Reading about brave heroines who manage to save the world, encouraged me to be as brave when it comes to pursuing new things. When I realized that I needed to work on my social skills, I started reading self-help books and the tips that I gained helped me to improve myself. Every time I wanted to expand my knowledge or tease the limits of my imagination, I would read, read and read.

Reading is a gem and I want to share the love of reading with those who visit my blog. Therefore, I decided to dedicate this blog as a space on the internet to help people find books that they enjoy. This is because I audaysciously believe that the right book can broaden your perspective and it can also help you to grow. 

It was nice to meet you and I look forward to sharing delightful, bookish conversations with you!

Lastly, if you are an author or a publisher and you are interested in reaching out to me to review your book, please feel free to visit the book review policy page. I would be more than happy to collaborate with you!



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